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I am a poetry and prose writer currently pursuing an English and Related Literature degree at the University of York.

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some history, and an old power station

your forgotten fumes that have seen that edge closer and closer to a dark neverwhere that i can never reach, that reach the stars before i can, before i can even manage to think about it, along with the trees that have seen too much history, the ebb and flow of time that never goes unseen you talk of wars, of glorious History that spills blood and leaves nothing but wreckage behind, i talk of you, the sweat and tears that builds and builds and most of all – of your face that seems ete

marks, and memories

tea-stained bedsheets that leave a mark on your heart when you look at it too long, into the ether when the time calls, with the thud of your heart, memories that slip off your mind like a piece of clothing you discard (memories you want to forget, like the one time your heart broke and you never thought you’d be the same again) (memories you want to relive, like the one time⁠ ⁠- ) i used to be like you, once, she said, the undertones of her smile laced with a feeling that i knew all t

Lorde — Solar Power

Solar Power, Lorde’s sophomore album, has been one of the most highly anticipated albums of this year, especially with the artist’s nearly four year long hiatus. The resulting album is not what we expect from a Lorde record, and is in no way comparable to her earlier albums, Melodrama and Pure Heroine. While Lorde’s lyricism holds up occasionally in Solar Power, the resulting message is ruined with its subpar production and how “all over the place” the entire album seems to be. Most people, whe


that crumples up in your hands despite your own volition; make it past the thin lining of your heart; withheld tears that choke you up and leave you on your knees; i love yous that never make it past your tongue; eyes that meet with a gaze you can’t recognise second and then – what you mean to me – the scene of our life together cuts out; by something else – an attempt to replace a rarity, (but that’s not the best analogy, is it? you can’t even think of apt analogies anymore) this is


until it Hits you and there’s nothing you can do. you take a deep breath and Wait for it – a crash that never hits. remember when we laughed and swam in the waves? remember when we laughed and looked at the sunset, feeling endless, unbounded? remember when we laughed and laughed and laughed, and felt immortal, exploding from the joy of it? of course you don’t. you can’t – you wouldn’t know – i wouldn’t know – memories that Hit you in the space of five, ten

‘Revolutions are Happening that Refuse to be Ignored’: Why Does the West Ignore the Suffering of Sri Lanka? — Heroica Women

By Hesandi Jayasekara Sri Lanka, once one of the most prosperous countries in the South Asian region, has rapidly become one of the least successful in the last few years due to the Rajapakse dynasty that came into power in 2019; they showed how far they would go in their quest for power, leaving a shattered country behind in the process. Their actions and the aftermath – millions of people left without food, fuel or electricity – have frustrated the people of Sri Lanka, to say the least.

Female Forward International: Representation and Empowerment: Ten women and their call for Diversity and Inclusion

Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, together with NextGenSL, organised an event named "iLead", which was held on the 8th of March to commemorate International Women's day and shine a spotlight on what reforms women felt they deserved, through having ten highly accomplished women to make a ten minute speech on what they would change and do differently if they were to become president. The event commenced with a welcome from Hubertus von Welck, Head of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation of Sri

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